featured design for adobe libraries



The Barn was brought into to consult on a new project for Adobe’s Creative Cloud team. We were humbled to be working for the company that we literally run all of our design applications through. Adobe dubbed The Barn a “super-user” and wanted to pick our brain about UX design for something they wanted to develop. After a very long video chat, what was planned on being a small UX bug fix, turned into something that has become a large feature of Creative Cloud. It was fun working with the developing geniuses on their team and it was really neat describing our workflow and asking if they could replicate our ideal situation… Especially when they looked at each other as if a giant light bulb went off over their heads and said “I think we can do that!”


Being put into a upper echelon group by Adobe and their Creative Cloud team was superbly humbling


If you haven’t used it before, the Libraries function allows you to seamlessly move assets like color pallets, character styles, and stock from one abode CC application to another.


The idea of not only using the simplicity of a drag and drop feature, but being able to drag assets onto an icon in the applications toolbar (like a briefcase that follows you) is when we made the development team’s light bulb go off

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