Columbus Cottonmouths

Columbus Cottonmouths hockey logo system design

It’s no secret that we love hockey here, so when we were commissioned to rebrand the Columbus Cottonmouths of the SPHL we were ecstatic. Head to toe, full rebrand – a sports design firms dream

columbus cottonmouths branding system sketches

Through research,┬átesting, and a whole lot of sketches we realized that the snake head definitely needed to stay (over a full body snake), but the previous rebrand just wasn’t grabbing the fans. We were tasked with not only making a great logo, but creating brand consistency across the organization.

columbus cottonmouths logo brand by the barn

Our solution was to angle the cottonmouths head and give it more “snarl”. We also love how the head flows like water, representing the Chattahoochee, where the team is based

Cottonmouths Text Lockup Logo

We wanted to make a type lockup that spoke to the team, but Columbus as well. So as well as creating something with sharp lines, we were inspired by the industrial history of the city. It is designed to both give emotions of snakes, while also a masculine, industrial feel resembling the Columbus Iron Works.

Columbus Cottonmouths Jersey Design

The uniforms is where the diverse nature of Columbus fans came into play. While a minor league team across all sports leans towards a younger crowd, the Cottonmouths also have a denser fans base of adults. We merged these with a clean & crisp jersey design, but with details for a younger fan base. That detail is a subtle custom snake skin pattern that lays inside the arms along with a hanger effect of the teams chant.

custom font for columbus cottonmouths

That detail of the snake skin pattern made their way into the numbers as well. We customized the typeface used across all media for the numbering system and inlayed the snakeskin pattern. The devil is in the details.

tertiary logos on shirts

But like most of our projects, we went above and beyond. Along with primary logos and jerseys, we also made a whole slew of tertiary logos and designs that bolster the primary branding. And mostly hyper localized. From the Snakes word mark (fan nickname) to the cottonmouth wrapping around the Columbus water tower we wanted to make a brand that local fans felt like was made specifically for them.

spell columbus cottonmouths sports branding guidelines

But don’t take our word for it all. go through the 80 band brand guideline and see all the details for yourself. The why to each step is what really brings the new branding of this team into the future.

Full Cottonmouths Brand Guidelines

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