Jacksonville Jaguars Logo Design

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars logo design project

We were commissioned by the Jacksonville Jaguars to produce a contest logo & accompanying marketing materials for the 2018-2019 NFL season. As luck may have it our other client ended up sponsoring the event! Always fun to work with the big boys, but when you are dealing with an NFL stadium that has pools in it, its a little extra special. Not necessarily as stuff as a usual pro logo we got in incorporate a main feature of the stadium.

Jacksonville Jaguars Logo Design

An interesting design challenge this logo needed a lot of text, incorporate the pools and cabanas,┬ádeal with the Jaguars guidelines, a sponsor logo and it’s guidelines, and still be on brand for an NFL football teasocial media design for the jacksonville jaguars

Social design for a project like this is always interesting. Much like incorporating a lot of aspects into a logo you we had to think about the logo, the image, and not incorporating too much text so that social networks will still allow the posts to be promoted with ad spend.

We even produced the social video ad for this going across multiple media formats. Ask our Creative Director Nick what it was like to have an NFL mascot jump on your head as he holds an underwater camera

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