nbc sports and premier league soccer

NBC Sports

design for nbc sportsWe are currently commissioned with NBC Sports to produce all digital creative for Premier League Soccer. From web banners, to amazon, to online gaming ads we have our hand it in. 40 assets a week for the entirety of the season keeps our designers busy in the field we love.

digital marketing for nbc sports

We were humbled when NBC asked us not only extend out contract based on our track record, but expand it as well. It is not always easy designing for as many sizes in as many iterations. from assets with animation, to ones with odd specifications. 

digital design for nbc sports premier league soccer

Social graphics for multi channel NBC Sports properties, Classy thank you designs for Arsène Wenger, and the cherry on top with Kentucky Derby and Preakness designs. The latter being an interesting exercise in designing assets that you won’t be able to finish. Smart Objects in Smart objects, clipping masks of photos that don’t exist yet, and all needed to be able to be altered by someone who might not be a great designer/photoshop master.social design for premier league soccersocial design for premier league soccer

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