featured image for the AC surf



Team branding design for the Atlantic City Surf, an independent minor league baseball team. The Surf were trying to bring back the team and see baseball once again in “The Sand Castle”. We designed not only the logos, but also the home and away uniforms. We even designed all alternates like batting practice and Sunday uniforms.  The aspect about this team branding that we love is something we coined “Boardwalk Pin-Strips”. The Atlantic City boardwalk was the first boardwalk ever to place it’s boards in a herringbone pattern, we used this piece of history in its brand and uniform design.


Primary Logosurf2 surf3

Secondary Logo, with another hidden design aspect of the A.C. boardwalk herringbone patternsurf4 surf5

Type Lockupsurf6

Hat Design  surf7

Alternate hat designsurf8

Uniform design with “Boardwalk Pin Stripes” throughout.

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