The Mill


We were commissioned to create the brand identity for the newest coworking space in Delaware. A really dense branding, we not only made logo marks, but an overall tone of the space. Pushing a very masculine feel as the space has a connection to the Hagley Museum and the DuPont gun powder mills…. hence the name.


Primary logo design. We wanted a very rustic and gritty feel to the brand while connecting to the DuPont Eleutherian mills into the mark.


A full logo package and design pushed that rustic, gritty feel all the way down into the color scheme. A color we call Corten Steel makes the primary look give an emotional connection to rust, a separation from most coworking spaces in the area that lean towards a feminine design.


An extremely dense branding package which rolled into badges and wall vinyl.


Our most proud piece of the branding might be the guidelines themselves.

Click here to view the entire Branding Guidelines

2016 Graphic design USA winner

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