The Rink that Rockne Built team graphic design for NHL Winter Classic

Winter Classic Mash-Up

NHL Winter Classic Mashup Designs for NBC SportsWe have been working with NBC Sports for a while now, but when the conversation came up of doing a crossover brand for the NHL Winter Classic we were ecstatic. An awesome event like that inside one of the most storied stadiums in sports….. just being a part of it is exciting.The Rink that Rockne Built sports design for NBCThe design problem to solve was “What if the Bruins and Blackhawks Winter Classic uniforms were football uniforms, in honor of Notre Dame Stadium?” In being a sports design firm we also wanted to make sure it was true to each team and city. We didn’t want to simply clone the WC jerseys, or turn them into their respective pro football uniforms – where is the fun in that? How to make it feel “on brand” but still push the envelope on design? This was the real challenge. Initially we broke our agency into teams. One lead has personal roots to Chicago so to say he wanted to get his hands on the Blackhawks is an understatement.Chicago Blackhawks Winter Classic football helmet designAnyone who knows sports design knows that when you say Chicago Blackhawks a couple key things come to mind. That Killer primary logo, one of the coolest secondary logos in sports, and stripes. This Winter Classic the Hawks are going all monotone which out of the gate is a design challenge.For the helmet we wanted to show off one of the best logos in sports in an oversized look. Center stripe taken from the sock pattern makes this clean and intentional. The small pops of red in the brackets and gloves really bring this home for us as an overall look.Chicago Blackhawks Winter Classic uniform designThe double striped yoke was a simple key. We know we needed to have that clean and upfront to be recognized as this years Winter Classic jersey. From there is where it got interesting. The striping pattern on the arms was too complex for football, so we brought them to the body. Stripes through the chest ala the jerseys from the 40’s – 50’s, but cutting it off inside an under arm panel made this a nice, clean, and modern touch. The secondary logo goes to the arm, because it is too cool not to have. In the pants we wanted to bring back the Chicago Flag Stars because it is such a nice touch for local fans. At The Barn we don’t think enough NHL teams are doing this properly. Nashville does it well, but that is almost it.  Chicago Blackhawks Winter Classic Mashup Sports Design for NBC SportsInside the gloves we have another touch to the Chicago Flag but with Blackhawks flare. Each cup win is inside the stars and the Madhouse line coming replacing the flag paneling.  Boston Bruins mashup design for the NHL Winter ClassicBoston was a little more challenging in realms of not simply cloning the jersey. And as we dove deeper into the project it became clear that the side solution was that we were creating a replacement for those awful Steelers jerseys from a couple years back.The arm pattern on the Bruins Winter Classic jersey actually looks beautiful on a football uniform. Once we realized it didn’t make the whole thing look like a bumble bee we were off to the races. For the sake of this project we went with the Big Winter Classic logo on the chest again breaking the football norm, but it’s a fun project so lets have some fun. (Yes we did make an entirely different uniform based off the Bruins 1930’s uniform when they actually had a number on the chest and B on the arm, it looked good, but not challenging enough.) We added the small number in the left chest because without it the jersey seemed too plain. The tail striping was translated into a yellow belt to round it out. The Bruins have yet to release a full uniform shot so we got to take a couple more liberties with the rest of the design. Much like the Blackhawks a couple things come to mind when you think of the Bruins, and for us you have to have yellow socks. We took the bottom half of this uniform and did an homage to the history of the team. Big Bold white pant stripe from the classic Bobby Orr days, but with the Stanley Cup Shamrocks inlayed in it. Then a sock pattern inspired by the bolder stripes of the Ray Bourque era (we know there is a yellow space, but it didn’t look right without it) Boston Bruins Winter Classic helmet design done for NBC SportsThe helmet is an amalgamation of both the team history and the 2019 Winter Classic jersey. Center stripe pattern and large B for the 2019 outdoor game, but the modern angled design of the yellow paying tribute to those classic yellow socks. We always thought we would have a black Bruins helmet, anything else seemed weird until we saw it in white. That clean white with the yellow and brown make it look like a whole uniform and really clean classic “kit” from 1940’s college football.  Mashup sports design for the Boston Bruins 2019 NHL Winter ClassicWe had some fun with the gloves. Big, Bold, “617”. We had silly designs with Chowder, Beantown, or Dirty Water references – but didn’t seem right for an original 6 team.Here is to the 2019 Winter Classic teams and “The Rink that Rockne Built”

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