adidas - Swimming Website


As our founder Nick was once a designer for adidas, we still have some solid contacts. From catalogs to ad campaigns he did it all when he was there. But we were humble when they told us the project they had for The Barn was a complete overhaul of 3 specialty sports websites and their first endeavor into the world of e-commerce.


3 fully responsive e-commerce designs that they can easily change and manipulate when needed. Their first jump into e-commerce came with backend connections to warehouses of inventory so not only do employees know when stocks are running low, but the customer knows as well.

We are also showing the campaign for adidas lacrosse while our founder Nick was still under contract. It was his largest and most favorite project there. Designs rolled into print, interactive web, advertising, and even into product design.

The Barn Creative always provides Industry-leading content and solutions that provide an ‘A+’ experience in an ever-changing and critically important Digital landscape. The Barn is always willing to listen, problem-solve, and provide insights to help arrive at the intended output.The Barn’s diverse clientele allows them to utilize best-practices and key learnings from multiple facets to elevate and accentuate the desired results.”

Senior Category Manager, adidas


This long and dense project was worth it. And even though working within adidas global’s 1700 page brand guideline (just for e-commerce websites) was challenging, giving each sport their own look within those restrictions was very rewarding.

These sites won 3 national design awards through Graphic Design USA (one for each site). We love working with our friends over at adidas and hope to do so again in the future.