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As our local G-League team we have been working with the Blue Coats since they were still the 87ers. From billboards, to jerseys, to logos, and season ticket brochures we have had our hand in a lot. We are always up to the challenge and love working with our local team.


We were commissioned to produce various graphics for the Delaware 87ers for the 2015-16 season. One of our favorites was this Home Opener branding design we produced along with a video for their social feed to create some buzz around the event.

Delaware 87ers Home Opener Logo


This mural design for Delaware Blue Coats at the Delaware Children’s Museum has almost everything an agency can give. Custom handmade typography, vector illustration, and photoshop manipulation. Oddly proud of the jersey vs uniform design as there is actually zero source imagery. 100% photoshop. We made our own linen pattern and mocked it up from scratch (and even snuck in a Barn logo in the buttons).

Delaware 87ers Uniforms


In one on our many projects for the Delaware 87ers we were asked to design a specialty jersey specific for their season ticket holders. Specialty jerseys in the NBA G-League tend to go a little crazy, so we reimagined it as more of a whole team rebrand rather than a one off. We wanted to design something that a fan would want to wear everywhere, not just once. We loved sneaking a bunch of details into this jersey so the closer you get the more info you get. So at first it just looks like a red jersey. When you get closer you realize there is a star pattern that gradients up subtly. Then even closer you realize that there is the shape of Delaware inside each star. Each jersey is personalized for each season ticket holder.


With the 87ers switching their branding over to the Blue Coats they needed some assets that had that guerrilla feel to them to match their hashtag of the upcoming season. With zero imagery to work from (because all the old images had 87ers on it) we designed some simple, but on brand graffiti social assets for the team to use in it’s opening campaign.

What stands out most about The Barn is their creativity. Their talented team took our basic brand assets and developed what remains the most unique representation of our team’s namesake and story. Our popular exhibit at the Delaware Children’s Museum is anything but generic; it was custom designed by the skilled hands of local artists at The Barn.

Alex Yoh

Senior Director Marketing & Communications, Delaware Blue Coats


Work for your local team is much more than a feather in the client list cap. Especially in the minors. It is about designing for fans – aka your neighbors and their children – a professional experience down to every detail. It is also about giving that guy working his but off for a shot with the big club all the details he is earning in sweat. Those little details go a long way for both the fans and the players. We are happy to work with The Blue Coats and we hope to have more work for them soon.