First State FC
First State FC

First State FC

Delaware’s newest soccer team and newest member of the NSPL. We get to do the thing we love here everyday and it really shows in this team branding for First State Football Club. From logo marks to uniforms, tone of voice to merchandise designs we had our hand in it. From our first meeting we knew no one wanted to go the traditional soccer route. Shields with stripes were out. Red, White, and Blue were out. How could we tell the story in a new and better way at every angle?


We really wanted the design to pay homage to the state’s deep historical roots and tell the courageous story of Caesar Rodney. The original midnight rider, the original badass for independence.


We wanted to not only make great designs, but also have intention and story telling in everything we did. From state flags to historical factoids we constantly asked ourselves, “how can we make this better?” The Caesar Rodney green bandana with custom pattern for the “Midnight Riders” fan club shows this strategic thinking to a T. How do you create a branded fan piece that is integrated into the branding of the whole team? We didn’t only do that, but also made it historically accurate!

Hiring the Barn to do our branding was easily one of the best (and most important) decisions we made. They were our trusted partners from the very beginning, willing to sit and workshop ideas with us until we got it absolutely right (and by the way, that took a while because they had so many good ideas to start with). If you’re in the sports world and you need branding/graphics done for literally anything, you’d be absolutely insane if the Barn weren’t the very first call you made.”

Dave Holloway

First State FC


We really got to show off our strength in not only an awesome visual brand for First State FC, but our ability to make a strategic identity systems and marketing plans in sports. Things that create a tone of voice for an organization and fan engagement out of the gate. How to trim dollars in production without sacrificing brand continuity. FSFC got the full strength of The Barn put into their amazing 50  page brand guideline.